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A Story:

I recently met with a client. She has been in her position at a hospital for twenty-five years. She was recently offered a senior position that would put her at the pinnacle of her career. She’s been married for thirty years and their two kids are off to college. They are financially stable and have embarked on a mission to focus on their health and their dreams of travelling the world. When this career offer came to the table she was torn. She felt she had done the hard work of building her career, raising her family and securing their future. This career opportunity would mean she had reached the top of her career slice but it would mean putting aside her new found excitement for her health slice and leisure slice that she was ready to embark with her partner.

She had to decide if she was willing to sacrifice time from those two slices in order to reinvest time in her career. More money, more prestige – it seemed like the career opportunity of a lifetime but it also meant time away from her spouse, her health and her new found desire to explore the world.

She turned down the career slice because while it offered Hollywood happiness, she didn’t believe it would allow her to feel engaged or heavenly happiness. My client and her spouse are now planning to find positions in other countries as nurses while they explore and exercise their way around the globe. Ultimately she chose the leisure slice and with it came the bonus of her health and community slices.

If you choose the career slice to focus on, you may find that it helps your wealth slice. If you choose the health slice you may find a positive influence in your spiritualism slice and if you choose your relationship slice it may correspond to an up-tick in how you feel about the family slice. When you are thinking about the slices, it’s easy to see how they can be grouped in ways that will affect each other. Picking one is the key, the others will fall into place because your will feel full of life – you will feel happy.