I read books and do crossword puzzles on my phone. I also play scrabble if I can. My kids say, “Mom, are you playing your nerd games?” To which I respond, “Yes, because nerd games are fun.”

I also seem to have a nerd gene for writing down my goals. I usually use a dollar store notebook and a new page to track each day. Then I schlep this flimsy notebook filled with my soul lifting dreams everywhere; only to find within a couple of weeks it’s been overtaken by endless to-do lists and grocery store needs jotted onto every page.

This makes me mad, and sad. Mad that my goals get all mashed up with what we’re having for dinner, and sad because ‘to-do’ lists trump the better vision I have for myself. Then I give up on my notebook, stuff my dreams into a compartment in my head – and only let them sneak out when I’m in the shower or alone in my car.

This a long way of saying, what is out of sight is often out of mind, and I want those goals to matter.

I might have found the answer.

I recently bought a new goal book that keeps my awesome dreams front and centre AND reminds me to buy toilet paper.

I’ve been using it for a month now and I feel like a nerd with super powers!! ?.

It’s called, The Best Self Journal (definitely a nerdy name) but if you’re into setting goals and tracking your progress this might help.

I’ll keep you posted. Now, let me know if you prefer scrabble over crossword puzzles…

Happy nerd slice everyone.