I promise this isn’t a Mother’s Day post about how ten years ago a bundle of love entered the world and I became a mother; days filled with baby sweetness, and years of heart melting awe and blah, blah, blah. No, this post is about what I’ve dreamed about since that day our first bundle of love was born.

A mini-van.

I know. What a crappy dream.

But have you ever jammed three car seats in the back row and not strained your back or your sanity? Seats so close together that unexpected vomit is now a warm, organic blanket spreading across the other two kids. For almost eleven years, I have packed and loaded our “perfectly fine” compact SUV for every trip we’ve every made, and it kinda sucked.

I’ll admit, I used to say that I didn’t want to be one those mini-van moms, but once the stronghold of kid crap entered my world, I lost my urning for any kind of coolness or vehicle sex-appeal. It didn’t matter what I drove, because there was no escaping that fact that I had three kids, and any level of ‘sexy hotness’ had already left the building.

In the last ten years, I’ve repeatedly thought about what it would be like to put my butt in a heated, leather seat and fire up the ECO 3.5L, V6 super quiet, 248 horsepower mini-van. Yup,  a land-cruising rectangle with drop-down entertainment centres, double auto-open side doors, and extra wide coffee holders with three-zone, temperature controls. Daily, I’ve fantasized about owning an easy-to-load, storage-whore that transports us magically from one door to the next.

And now I do.

Isn’t she beautiful?

I purchased a Honda Odessey Touring edition. I own the most unsexy, fully loaded, ride of my life. I could go on for hours about the multitude of buttons and gadgets but I’ll boil it down to one item – the mini-fridge. That’s right. There’s a cooler compartment located under the main console. I’d also make special mention of the built-in vacuum, but that’s for my husband to use. I’ve paid my cleaning dues, the vacuum has his name on it.

Tomorrow, I’m going to take my new ride, drive to sunset point, pop in a chick flick DVD and eat bon bons with my wireless headset and my seat heater on full – all by myself. Who knows, I might even take a nap.

So, on this Mother’s day Sunday, while you are wondering who will actually clean the kitchen, call me – I’ll pick you up in my sweet ride and we can hide in unbridled luxury for the whole day. Happy Slice moms.

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