It’s not when you hit “publish” that feels surreal, it’s the day that someone tells you, “I finished your book last night.”

I’ve heard lots of wonderful, amazing comments and reviews from people. They like the honest way I talk about my relationship with my husband; they are tickled to see a picture of my disastrous linen closet and some people have even cried a little. But, there are some people that say nothing to me. They don’t like it, they haven’t read it or they started it but couldn’t get past the first few chapters; to those people I want to say, “That’s okay with me.”

  • Some people will buy the book.
  • Some people will never open the cover.
  • Some people will skim sections of it.
  • Some people will start it and then be annoyed with my voice, bored by the topic or too tired to get past the first few pages.
  • Some people will read most of it.
  • Some people’s husbands will read it.
  • Some people will read it straight through.
  • And some people will be touched by the message and find it to be the exact thing they need to hear at this moment in their life.

And when this is true for a reader, they will share the book.

I want to thank every ‘reader’ no matter how far you got or didn’t get, or meant to get – because maybe you will think of someone that might enjoy your copy or need this bit of inspiration in their life and share it with them.

A Slice of Happy is about a woman that somewhere between catapulting into life at twenty and slamming into forty, lost some of her happy along the way. It’s the story about loving goals, dreams and adventures but living a life of schedules, demands and unrealistic expectations.

It’s my story about how I came to understand, you can’t have it all, that happiness is a feeling not an accomplishment and finding your own slice of happy is a matter of knowing where to get started.

And it’s okay with me, if you don’t read my book because you may want to figure it out on your own, you may not have the energy to read one more ‘helpful’ thing or possibly, you’re already there – you’ve already found your slice.

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Happy Slice Everyone.