I get excited about being invited to someone’s house for a party. I look forward to the evening. I buy a nice bottle of wine, choose a fancy outfit and of course, select a pair of shoes to match my ‘look’.

Here’s where it gets tricky. Upon arriving at the party, I see a stack, nay a pile of discarded shoes littered in the foyer. Heels, stylish boots, kitten pumps and an array of leathery man-shoes abandoned slip-shod like they were dumped out of high-end Salvation Army bin.

My immediate thought is, “Is everybody playing Twister?” but I can clearly see people chatting in the kitchen with a drink in their hand. No, there’s no Twister, or Slip and Slide going on – there’s only people at a party NOT wearing shoes.

This makes me cringe. I want to wear my shoes. I pick them specifically to match my outfit and if you must know, I’m not a naked foot person. If it’s summer, then my sweaty feet are leaving Sasquatch like imprints across your high shine, hardwood flooring and if it’s winter, my thin, stinky-socked feet become cold and sore as I stand on your stylish, yet painful slate tiles.

For god’s sake, they are floors. Made of material like, wood and rock facing and other stuff meant to handle things like, “shoes”.

Okay – that’s a bit much I know, but I like to wear my shoes to a party. Of course not muddy boots or yucky bottomed footwear but the pretty shoes that go with the idea that we are dressing up, because it’s fun to get out and feel great for an evening.

So, how about a truce? I’ll wear “outdoor” footwear to the party and then put on my super-fun indoor footwear and save both of us from feeling bad about my feet.

What about you? Are you a Sasquatch foot-streaker, or shoe-wearing floor destroyer?