This morning my 5 year old daughter asked for bacon and eggs for breakfast. I literally dropped what I was doing to make sure I started getting them ready before she decided it would be so much easier to eat some cereal. She said, “Eggs and bacon are good protein right?” I said, “Yes. Good protein and fat.” Then she went on to tell me ‘that her older sister didn’t like to eat fat.’ This made me feel exasperated. I said, “Fat is okay to eat, it’s the sugar that’s not so great.”

There are enough peer reviewed studies that clearly indicate sugar as the giant elephant in the room when it comes to weight gain and health related diseases. Sugar, not fat. Sugar is the sneaky drug that ages us faster, wrecks havoc on our bodies and is a marketer’s dream when it comes to addictive profitability.

I’ve spent a good part of my life working with people on their health and anyone that knows me or works with me, knows that I work using multiple plans to help people get results. It’s hard enough to change the beliefs of an adult – how do I reprogram my kids to believing that fat is good?

I think it’s time we create a new word for the ‘fat’ found in foods. No one seems keen on rebranding the word sugar as ‘poison’ or ‘how to age faster’ instead, poor old fat takes all the negative imagery and smashes it up with our nation’s obsession with thinness.

Fat needs a new name.

What if we called it ‘essential oils’? I know it’s already taken but who cares? It’s essential right? Sounds good to me. Maybe energy balls? Or life lipids? What if fat got a whole new style-word like “eat your Zlat – it’s good for you!”

What do you think? Any ideas? Maybe we can rebrand the negative image we have created for one of the most important blocks of energy on earth.

Happy Phat Everyone.