Do you let your kids sleep in your bed?

Do they kick you in the side? The back? The head? Are they 18 months old or three years old? Are they seven and afraid of the dark? Or are they twelve, and need a snuggle?

Are you depriving yourself of a good night sleep? Are you damaging them for life?

Yes. No. Maybe. Who knows.

Around 3:30am our little stinker climbs onto our bed. She crawls to my side and presses up against my back. She pets my hair, takes a deep breathe and falls asleep instantly.

Do I wake up? Yes. Does she kick me? Sometimes. Would I sleep better without her there? From a scientific point of view, yes. I would sleep more soundly without a three year old in my bed.

But, this little person is an extension of my soul. When she is pressed up against me and we fall asleep, it washes away a day filled with stress and annoyance. It allows me to feel a connection that is impossible to feel during the chaos of the day. Sure, some nights it’s annoying, but some nights it’s exactly what my spirit needs to find equilibrium after a day of busy-ness and schedules.

Some say our souls are free when they are sleeping. I say, mine is dancing and giggling with my kids for all the times I couldn’t let go while we were awake.

Happy Slice Everyone.